Second Hand Store for Childrens Clothes

Kidia is a comfortable and clean second hand store for childrens clothes and accessories. We have three stores located in

Hertsi Shopping Centre in Helsinki (children + adults)

Myyrmanni Shopping Centre in Vantaa and

Ainoa Shopping Centre in Espoo.

All our shops can be reached easily by public trasportation and also by car.

How to sell with us

Selling your child’s used clothes super easy with the help of Kidia second hand store. We have an all inclusive selling service that includes pricing all your products and displaying them according to size in our shop.

In Hertsi you can sell adult’s clothes as well.

All you need to do is book our selling service online and then read our instructions for seller.

You can sell neat and clean clothes, toys and other child related products that are not worn out or broken in any way. You just need to bring your selling items to us – we will take care of everything else.

All clothes must be washed and ironed. Clothes should be relatively new as there is very little demand for outdated kid’s clothing.

What does it cost to sell?

Our service fee id paid in three parts:

  1. When making the booking you pay a base fee according to selling service
    • 9,90 € small selling service (10 to 50 selling items)
    • 19,90 € large selling servive (51 to 100 selling items)
    • 14,90 € small selling service by mail (10 to 50 selling items)
  2. 50% commission is charged at the end of your selling period from your total sales proceeds
  3. Handling fee 0,40€ per each item is charged from your profits (from every item, also unsold and items we cannot sell are charged)

✓ selling time 14 days at minimum
✓ we do the pricing
✓ we attach price labels
✓ we take care of displaying the products
✓ you can monitor your sales online
✓ shop alarm is included for products over 10€
✓ free recycling service for unsold products if you wish

You can book our service online. You need to choose how many products to sell and then book a free time slot from our menu.

How to buy from us

Buying from us is also very easy. All second hand clothes and accessories are presented in an order based on size. This makes it fast and efficient to check out if we have the items you need. If we don’t have something you were looking for, come back soon because new items will be put on shelves every day.

What’s best is that we love our customers. You can visit us alone or with your children. The shopping centre playing area is located right next to our store. (Unfortunately the play are is closed at the moment due to covid-19.) Prams and strollers fit nicely into our store. We hope you enjoy your stay with us and come again.

Contact Kidia Second Hand – we’re happy to help you!

If you need more information on pricing of our services or other details you can contact us.
tel. 040 197 1800